Financial Director

Report to Chairman of the Board (President)

Job Location: Shanghai

Company Background

The company is the first domestic manufacturer of agricultural machinery intelligent equipment and was the highest market shares in the specific market segment in the last three years. The company has completed the share restructuring. Her annual revenue is more than 400 million RENMINBI and net profit more than 60 million RENMINBI. Hopefully the company will be ready for submitting IPO materials by the end of 2021.

Qualifications and Experiences

  1. Bachelor degree or above majoring in Finance,accounting,finance,investmentandother relevant subjects; Certifiedpublicaccountant is a must. Company listing experiences are and previous “big four” working experience are certainly the assets for the position.
  2. Excellent financial management experience and excellent insight and good sense to data, familiar with financial planning, cost analysis, budgeting, cost accounting and other senior financial management processes;
  3. Strong capabilities in financialanalysisandforecasting,investmentandfinancingandriskprevention.
  4. Has thorough understanding of capital operation, with excellent management, internal and external coordination a
  5. Morethan3yearsofexperiences in managing afinancedepartment independently intechnologyormanufacturing organization.
  6. Have a good professional ethics; strictly keep company information confidential.


  1. Comprehensivelycoordinatethefinancialmanagementofthecompany,graspthecompany’sfinancialsituation,operatingresultsandcapitalchanges,timelyreporttotheboardofdirectors;
  2. Responsibleforplanning,organizingthecompany’slisting,financingandotherrelated matters;
  3. Establish, improve and complete financial accounting system, and establish the corresponding implementation and control mechanism to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the company’s financial accounting along with company’s development.
  4. Regularly prepare and submit accounting and financial statements, and regularly organize the preparation of consolidated financial statements;
  5. Responsible for organizing the preparation of financial data disclosed by the company, and making final review, coordination and cooperation with internal and external audit;
  6. Internalandexternalcommunicationandcoordination; develop and provide training and subordinateteams