Business environment becomes more and more volatile, ambiguous, complex, and uncertain. Companies must react to these environments and to make changes, or even to transform their organizations. Although organization transformation is always exhausting, sometimes it is the only way to keep organizations competitive sustainably. MEX, a team of professionals from environmental, automotive, chemical and manufacturing sections, intends to accompany those companies who want to transform and to reenergize their organizations to go through the change processes, and support them to strive for management excellence and creating their own comparative advantages for sustainable growths.


Instead of simply providing general consulting supports, standardized training and recruitment services, MEX always engage those stakeholders from relevant functions and departments who will participate in the change processes when MEX develops and implements corporate reformation strategies. The personnel, who are involved in the developments and implementations of the strategy, understand the transformation processes and will try their best to work with the team to make their own contributions. This will help facilitate the changes while
minimizing the impact on the business operations and the transformation process of individuals in the company.


Beyond working with clients to go through organization transformations, MEX will tailor the training to equip our clients’ organization with necessary capability to go through the change processes and to create new comparative advantages. The trainings will be formulated and conducted based on the inputs from clients’ management and relevant stakeholders. The organization’s current cultures and the targeted changes will be taken into considerations for training design. Thus, these trainings will enable the participants to be capable for managing organization transformations and personal transitions


A company need to change or transform herself to maintain competitiveness in the everchanging environment which can be driven by technology evolutions, business dynamic shifts, or other reasons. The companies who intend to change may invest resources and time in the transformations, but the processes can be always exhausting, and the results are very different from company to company. MEX adopts inclusive approach to accompany these companies to go through the change process by defining the goals of changes, to formulate the process and to build up the capacity of the organization and individual to conduct the change and smooth the transition and minimizing the negative impacts on the company and individuals.


MEX pairs right talents with companies for sustainable growths. We works with our clients to analyze exactly what kind of talents their organization needs and provide advices to them to define the job descriptions and requirements of the opening. Then, MEX will explore and shortlist right candidates, conduct reference checks and support compensation and remuneration negotiations for both recruiting companies and talents’ mutual benefits. During the post recruitment stage, MEX’ specialists will talk to recruiting company’s hiring managers and human resource managers and the newly hired incumbent regularly to facilitate incumbent’s adaptation to the new environment.


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