Sales Representative/ Manager

Job Location: Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and other locations

Company Background

Guo Rui Industrial Group which was established in 2009 is a high-tech and innovative enterprise granted investment by Liberty Lane Partner, a renowned America PE investor.  Guo Rui is headquartered in Guangzhou Central Scientific City and have branch operation in Rong Tai 1823 Creative Park. The company has nearly 300 employees and have subsidiaries, Guo Rui Electronic Technology, Guo Rui Scientific Device and others. Guo Rui has integrated R&D, manufacturing, sales functions together. The primary products include performance auto parts, medical equipment, precise scientific device, healthy medical cosmetic electronic products. These products have been exported to North America and European market through B2B platforms.  



  1. Responsible for the company’s scientific technology device brand development and sales work; achieve annual domestic sales targets for company’s scientific technical devices.
  2. Establish domestic sales networks, establish a variety of channels to cooperate with different players in the network; achieve sales target for channel sales.
  3. Identify and retain sales agents and distributors; actively promote company branding, manage sales networks to achieve sales targets.
  4. Analyze market demands and competition; develop well-formulated marketing strategy.
  5. Formulate an overall a national sales strategy and planning; develop strategic alliance and complete strategic alliance cooperation projects.

Qualifications and experiences

  1. Bachelor degree or above majoring in mechatronics,biologicalengineering,chemical, or otherscienceandengineering related subjects is preferred.
  2. Having domestic sales experiences in scientific technology devices as well as establishing sales networks and other practical overall management experiences; 5 years or above domestic sales experiences in managing the overall market.
  3. Have a complete strategic vision; be familiar with domestic scientific technology devices market and business model; having specific insights for marketing development.
  4. Having solid customer basis; priority will be given to those who can develop market independently.
  5. Able to establish sales network and build up sales team from scratch.
  6. Accept frequent and long business trips, for example, 15 days to 6 months.
  7. High integrity, be accountable, follow company policy and regulation, execute company’s different sales strategies, be able to work under pressure.

Compensation and Benefits

  1. Monthly basic Salary RMB7,000 – 20,000/Month plus Commission, negotiable.
  2. Company offers guaranteed basic salary, incentive bonus, mandatory social insurance pension scheme; no ceiling on total package.
  3. Job orientation, on-the-job training, professional training, training on career planning and experience master sharing will be provided.
  4. The company ensures fair and equal promotion opportunity; the incumbent can advance their careers through either management or professional path.
  5. Statutory leave included paid annual leave, sick leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, bereavement leave, etc.
  6. Afternoon tea, dinner, karaoke gathering, birthday party, sports, outward bound development, team travel will be organized.